Dan Burkholder

Picking Up the Torch with Humility & Gratefulness: How Next Generation Leaders Successfully Transition

The leaders of your organization have started thinking about the next generation of the company – and they approach you. With many ideas swirling through your mind, you leave with hopeful optimism. Though unsure of how it is going to be accomplished, you’re positive it will work. This thought will, of course, be short-lived as […]

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Trading the Truth for Lies: Kindness for Niceness

“It’s 2017 for goodness sake!” This and other similar refrains have come to dot our relational and conversational landscapes. They are attempts to “nicely” enlighten their audience, informing them that the world has advanced while they – clearly – have not. Most often, these refrains occur on social media, behind the veil of anonymity and […]

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Trust and Communication

The connection between trust and communication is undeniable. It is difficult to build trust (with anyone, on any topic) when we don’t fully communicate. Likewise, we find it hard to truly connect and communicate with someone when trust has simply not been built yet or has been damaged in some way. It is often assumed […]

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Leaders Help… By Engaging

Oct 05, 2016 By (Bio) No Comments

We’ve entered a season where everyone can have a (public) voice. It is an interesting time in that the mass of communication – intended to inform – has largely deadened and desensitized us. Messages that once stirred us to action are now scrolled past, muted, and turned off. So what do we do if we […]

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