Leadership Transition

The Three Pillars of Succession Planning

Jan 19, 2018 By (Bio) No Comments

In his recent blog, my partner, Roger North, shared about our three-year journey of developing and executing an ownership succession plan for North Group. He aptly noted that this process “took time, energy, and a few engaging disagreements.” Roger is right – it required time. Not just blocks of time here and there, but also “seasons […]

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On The Business

Jan 05, 2018 By (Bio) 2 Comments

About 20 years ago, Michael Gerber wrote a landmark book entitled The E-myth. In this excellent book, he coined language that is now fairly common in business. He wrote about working “on the business” versus “in the business.” Like many business owners, I struggle with allocating appropriate time to “on the business” issues such as succession […]

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Video Blog – Leadership Transitions: Elements of a Successful Transition Plan

Roger North and Brian Black of North Group Consultants discuss the elements of a succession plan and how they can be effectively utilized in leadership transitions. What elements of succession planning have you started working on? How will you continue to move the process forward?

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Somebody Knows

I recently had the privilege of facilitating a conference for family business owners from the United States and Canada.  Most of the attendees desired to transition the leadership and ownership of their business to next generation family members.  Yet most of them acknowledged that they are “stuck” – even paralyzed – in developing and implementing […]

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Leadership Transitions: Finishing Well

Roger North of North Group Consultants challenges leaders to prepare both their organization and themselves for the next season of leadership and life. What steps are you taking to finish well and set yourself and your organization up for success in the next season?

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Leadership Transitions

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One of the realities of the nonprofit world (and business in general) is that, at some point, all leaders will leave their organization. With the average tenure of a nonprofit leader being just three years, this issue is unavoidable. In some instances, this will be a known change with time to carefully develop and carry […]

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Video Blog – Leadership Transitions: Paving a Way for the Future

Roger North of North Group Consultants describes the process of preparing for leadership transitions and the role of the leader in transition. How have you started preparing yourself and your organization for your next leadership transition?

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Video Blog – Leadership Transitions: Preparing for Change

Roger North and Dennis Clemmer of North Group Consultants discuss the importance of properly preparing for leadership transitions. What is your organization doing to prepare for an upcoming leadership transition? How are you developing the future leaders within your organization so leadership responsibilities can be transferred with confidence?

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Facilitating Smooth Turnovers

When a strong leader decides to leave an organization it can strike fear in the hearts of an owner, CEO or board chair. Such change can feel a bit chaotic. Right now I am training a new person in a leadership position in my own company. That means I need to refresh myself on how […]

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Leaders Bridge Differences

Recently I attended a recognition event that featured the celebration of a retiring CEO and the introduction of his successor. As the speakers were acknowledging the legacy of the retiring CEO, one theme emerged: “As a leader, he bridged differences.” One definition of “bridge,” when used as a verb, is “to make a connection where […]

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