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Video Blog – Building Team Cohesion

Jul 20, 2018 By (Bio) No Comments

We all have a story to tell – and something to learn from one another! Join Roger North and Josh Keefer as they discuss the importance of building team cohesion and how storytelling can play a significant role in it!

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He nailed it! In a recent discussion with a client, I asked an important question, “How do you inspire others?”  I was prepared to hear the responses I’ve heard so many times – “Get to know your employees, listen to them, show them appreciation, ask their opinion, be upbeat and engaging…” While these are all […]

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The Power of an Apology

One of the most significant memories in my life was the time when an individual approached me wanting to apologize for an incident that took place in our relationship about 15 years ago. For me, the initial incident, while disappointing, was not particularly negative. In fact, beyond the initial disappointment, I forgot about it and […]

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How Long Is Your List?

We live in an age of lists. We have our “to do” lists, and more recently it has become fashionable to accomplish items on a “bucket list.” But there is one list that is rarely discussed—the list of issues we find most difficult, or even impossible, to talk about. Yet that list is perhaps the […]

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Shoulder Tapping

Sep 21, 2015 By (Bio) One Comment

I recently read the book, “My Calling to Fulfill,” by John E. Sharp. The book is about Orie O. Miller who led Mennonite work in education, mission, peacemaking, and mental health. He developed most of the major Mennonite agencies that exist today, including Mennonite Central Committee, Eastern Mennonite Missions, and Goshen College. Miller had many […]

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Here We Go Again

As leaders, or those being led, you know how it feels when a topic comes up for discussion a second or third time. If the topic is near and dear to you, you are grateful for the persistence. However, if you are tired of what feels like unproductive rehashing, you are likely thinking, “Here we […]

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The Power of Being Present

Some weeks ago, I met with a friend who lost his young adult son to cancer. In reflecting on his son’s passing and memorial services, the friend shared how important it was at that time for his friends just to be present, express their care, and hold memories of the loved one together with the […]

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Developing Leaders

Good leaders know that they can’t do the job alone. So empowering others to lead is a major responsibility of a leader. How do leaders empower others to lead? Recently I read a book entitled Christian Reflections on The Leadership Challenge, edited by James Kouzes & Barry Posner. The authors suggest the following ways of […]

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Loves Me, Loves Me Not

October 6, 2014 Loves Me, Loves Me Not, by Dave Thompson I still remember elementary school and the field daisy I gave to a classmate as a sign of friendship. She promptly began pulling the petals off with the well-known chant, “He loves me; he loves me not.” Over and over she continued until to […]

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Tapping Into Your Team’s Strengths

Jul 21, 2014 By (Bio) No Comments

July 21, 2014 Tapping Into Your Team’s Strengths by Roger Garber Just over two years ago, I left the family business that I’d been involved in for 30 years.  It was a privilege to partner with my father, brother and nephew in business.  As a large, closely-knit family, we worked together and played together. However, […]

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