Roger C. Garber

Roger joins North Group with 25 years experience in his family’s agriculture business, GFI Transport, where he learned leadership integrity from his father, then assumed business ownership along with his brother. Together, they led the company, transforming it from an enterprise that raised animals, crops and manufactured feed to a thriving bulk transportation company with storage facilities and a truck and trailer consignment auction joint venture.

Drawn to a change of profession in 2012, Roger brings a relational focus to consulting, along with significant strengths in finance, IT, agriculture and family business dynamics. He is an avid networker, bicycling enthusiast, church volunteer, father of four, and husband to Patti.


Favorite quote:

“You know the best way to tell if someone needs encouragement? If they are breathing!”  – S. Truett Cathy

Things that make me happy:
  • Time with my wife, Patti
  • Listening as our kids laugh and share stories around the kitchen table
  • Bantering with friends as we ride our bicycles through Lancaster County
One word that describes me:


  • Extending a helping hand
  • Making people feel important
  • Reinforcing relationships with good communication
  • Asking thoughtful questions