Trust and Communication

Trust and Communication

The connection between trust and communication is undeniable. It is difficult to build trust (with anyone, on any topic) when we don’t fully communicate. Likewise, we find it hard to truly connect and communicate with someone when trust has simply not been built yet or has been damaged in some way.

It is often assumed that spending long, dedicated time with people will serve to build the unbreakable bonds of trust and improve relationships (i.e. team retreats, weekends away, vacations with family and friends, etc.). These times – when well executed – certainly can build trust in relationships. But it is more common for the shorter “just thinking about you” moments to strengthen connections far more.

Think about some of your best relationships, personal and professional. Are they strong because you simply decided to spend one day with each other twice a year? Or, was there a higher frequency of contact at some point in your relationship when you interacted with each other that demonstrated true, genuine care and concern for the other person? These interactions did not need to be long, but were certainly purposeful. And, the central vehicle that connected you was some form of communication.

As we continue through the summer – a time where many connections are lost – reach out to someone “just because.”

  • Connect for coffee and catch-up
  • Call them just to see how they’re doing
  • Send them a text with a message, song, video, image, or gif that relates to a recent conversation you had
  • Engage in the “lost art” of letter writing to really let them know you care

The options to build and maintain trust and communication are endless. Don’t let this be a summer where one more relationship is fractured and relegated to the graveyard of memory simply because you didn’t connect.

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