Instant Insight – Choices & Lessons Learned

Instant Insight – Choices & Lessons Learned

Our choices, right now, can make all the difference! As leaders, it’s essential that we take time to reflect on the lessons we are learning during this season so that we can emerge stronger.

Throughout our Choose Series, we have encouraged you to choose hope, encouragement, generosity, others, vision, and balance. In this video, we’ve taken time to reflect and summarize our lessons learned.

2 Responses to “Instant Insight – Choices & Lessons Learned”

  1. Cari Maxwell says:

    I’ve really enjoyed each issue that North is publishing during this time. They are each a great reminder of positivity and hope, especially this one. Always love hearing from Gina!

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks Cari! What gets modeled from our leaders trickles down and often gets repeated! –Gina

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