RGS Associates

RGS is a land development consulting firm founded by Richard G. Stauffer in 1991. RGS grew quickly under Dick’s leadership and added significant talent early on, including future partners, Mark Johnson, Mark Hackenburg and Joel Snyder. Very early in his ownership tenure, Dick laid the foundation for succession. In fact, an internal sale to the new owners took place less than 15 years after the firm was started. RGS continues to have a significant impact on senior living, commercial and residential development and other significant land development applications throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania.

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Spanish American Civic Association

The Spanish American Civic Association (SACA) is the leading Hispanic managed and led non-profit in the Lancaster community and beyond. The organization has its roots in efforts dating back to 1971 and earlier to serve the needs of the Hispanic community. Starting with three employees, it now has a workforce of 62.

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