Client Profile

Located in Lebanon, PA, Laserfab specializes in laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and other metal fabrication services. Laserfab serves manufacturers and fabricators throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, providing unparalleled customer service by delivering high quality service in a reliable and timely manner.

For over a decade, Laserfab owners, Leon Zimmerman, Anthony Martin and Joel Gockley have built a successful business recognized for its ability to meet both simple and complex customer needs. Their customer-centric approach has resulted in a thriving and growing company.


The Challenge

The owners understood the need to consider the company’s long term leadership succession plan. They engaged North Group to evaluate existing leadership capacity and to assist in the development of future structures – to answer the question, “How can we successfully build a team that will confidently lead us into the future?”

The three owners each have family members who work in the organization compounding the need for a well-defined company structure and clear-minded leadership practices.


Our Approach

We began by conducting an organizational assessment to get to know the organization and its leaders well.  Based on the assessment observations, we developed a series of recommendations that would enable Laserfab to grow in leadership capacity and organizational clarity for the future.

From that point, we began both individual and leadership team development, focusing on alignment, role clarity, self-awareness and effective communication. Through one-on-one coaching, we worked to develop individual leaders. Through leadership team meeting facilitation, we worked to develop the team as a whole.



Each named leader in the organization has stepped up and made sacrifices to grow as an individual.  As individual leaders have grown, they have invested in their own teams, resulting in a pattern of leadership development that has impacted the entire organization.

The owners and non-owner leaders have grown in trust, cohesion and organizational clarity as patterns of communication improved and mutual accountability and other-centeredness became intentional practices.