Premier Custom-Built

Client Profile

Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry is a leading manufacturer of cabinetry for the ultra-high-end residential home market. Marlin Horst founded the innovative company which has become the benchmark in cabinetry execution and a leader in technology, especially lighting. Premier’s customers are professional designers from around the country, and the company collaborates with their designers to produce even the most demanding projects.


The Challenge

The founder knew his growing company needed more structure, yet didn’t feel he had the skills to develop a leadership team and lead meetings. He was interested in working with a consultant who was a good values match.

As North Group worked with Premier, a new focus emerged – developing a process for the founder’s oldest son to determine his interest and skills to join and lead the company.


Our Approach

We began with an organizational assessment, the results of which confirmed the need for more structure and regular leadership team meetings. We assisted with planning, structure and accountability, and in helping Premier identify its values and vision. We used our proprietary Comprehensive 360 Leadership Survey to allow Premier’s leaders to give feedback to each other.

We provided leadership coaching to develop team members. We helped make sure that Premier had the right people in the right place. A couple employees opted of their own accord to move off the leadership team.

Within several years, the family invited North Group to facilitate family meetings so the Horst children and spouses would understand the opportunities related to the business and its implications for family.



There is a strong Leadership Team in place that is functioning well. Marlin’s oldest son, Sheldon, is now President, and Marlin has transferred to him both day-to-day operational responsibility as well as responsibility to lead growth through strategic developments in the company. This transition called for changes among leadership team members in moving from a top-controlled leadership arrangement to a more collaborative approach. The change took extensive and continuing work. Sheldon also participates in North Group’s Emerging Leaders Group.