United Way of Lebanon County

Client Profile

United Way of Lebanon County, a nonprofit organization run by a 39-member local, volunteer Board, has this mission: To improve our neighbors’ lives through effective development and stewardship of community resources. The organization strives to be the leader among nonprofit organizations, to develop strategies for long-term solutions to community needs and to invest resources to achieve the greatest impact.


The Challenge

The organization needed help in the hiring and onboarding of a new Executive Director/CEO who would have the characteristics, skills and experience to lead the organization well.


Our Approach

Our consultants began by conducting an Organizational Health & Performance Assessment of the organization that included interviewing staff, board members, key stakeholders and focus groups. We wanted to understand the culture of the organization and its intricacies as a nonprofit. These conversations showed us the organization needed a leader with excellent communication skills and the ability to understand the local community. In addition, the new leader would need to be a change agent with an ability to lead the board and employees toward a new vision for responding to human service needs in the community.

North Group worked closely with the Search Committee to narrow the field of applicants, conduct interviews and recommend finalist candidates to the Board. To provide the new hire, Kenny Montijo, with the best opportunity for success, we included one-on-one executive leadership coaching in the onboarding process. Employees had functioned for a period of time with no one in the executive role, so we facilitated leadership team meetings to ensure there was clarity around the executive’s role.



The new executive successfully transitioned into his role. The organization surpassed its fundraising goal of $1.8M. Member agencies have been receptive to his leadership, and he has been well-received in the local community, receiving speaking opportunities and invitations to local events.