York College of Pennsylvania

Facility Services Campus Operations Division

Client Profile

York College of PA has consistently grown in student enrollment and regional influence. The facility services staff has had a significant and positive influence on the college by maintaining and developing a beautiful campus and investing in buildings and facilities.

A college is a 24/7 organization, and facility services are always on – whether working on campus or being on call. It can be a thankless job, with staff only noticed when things go wrong. Yet, they provide important support for everyone who sets foot on campus.


The Challenge

As a result of growth, York College wanted to take multiple teams from different locations and merge them into one team.

There was individual leadership strength in the organization. The challenge was for the new teams to develop a trust-based working relationship and focus on functional areas of expertise in a synergistic way. In addition, there was a need for ongoing leadership development and the creation of a workable organizational structure and effective communication channels.

Ultimately there was a need to grow the division’s level of service so they could deliver exceptional service to the students, faculty and staff. Operating on a college campus places significant importance on facility services. This division has a huge impact on the marketing of the college. A clean, well-developed and maintained campus is essential for successful students and faculty and for satisfied parents.


Our Approach

We conducted an assessment, interviewing representatives of all levels of the organization, some individually and some in groups. From this we learned a great deal about a fairly large division of the college and planned our approach accordingly.

We have walked alongside this client for nearly five years, providing interim leadership as Director of Facility Services for a period of time, as well as developing leaders through individual coaching and facilitating leadership team meetings. We supported the leaders as they grew in self-awareness, leadership skills and effective communication practices, all the while helping them stay positive, motivated and hopeful.



As we continue to work with this client, we applaud them for greatly improving their delivery of services and the perception others have of their division’s customer service. They’ve assembled a team that works together, is honest with each other, and has been able to operate with efficiency, even maintaining the size of their staff as the student population and campus has grown. Lacking before, there is now accountability and follow-through.

As a result of their refined structure and improved ability to work together, they currently have the best group of leaders they’ve ever had.