Hiring & Onboarding

No Compromise Hiring

Sep 16, 2019 By (Bio) No Comments

“If you hire the ‘right people’ again and again, you will strengthen your culture over time.” – Truett Cathy, Founder, Chick-fil-A When hiring, have you ever looked an “A-Player candidate” in the eye and said, “Sorry, but you’re just not the right fit for our organization”? GUTSY – especially in today’s tight labor market! Every CEO, […]

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Consistent, Repeatable, Predictable

Jun 05, 2018 By (Bio) No Comments

When you think about it, there are very few more important priorities in an organization than hiring well. The problem is, it’s really hard! No one “bats 100%.” Nevertheless, we believe there are some very specific elements we can rely on to increase the percentage of successful hires. First, we need to get as specific […]

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Trust the Process

May 21, 2018 By (Bio) No Comments

During the final round of the recent Player’s Championship golf tournament, Webb Simpson had an unprecedented 7-shot lead. All he needed to do to win the nearly $2M purse was play a solid round of golf and focus on the process – play his game one stroke at a time. Fortunately for Webb, he was […]

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Video Blog – Hiring Well

Hiring well is both an art form and a science – and one that can cost an organization tremendously when done poorly.  Join Roger North, President of North Group Consultants, as he further unpacks the importance of hiring well!

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