Leadership Transition

The North Group Podcast – Brought To Light: Practice What You Preach (Ep. 10)

Transitioning successfully from one generation to another is one of the greatest challenges organizational leaders face. In this episode of The North Group Podcast, facilitated by John Zeswitz, Roger North (Founder/CEO) and Jerry Murray (President) discuss how they are “practicing what they are preaching” as they navigate generational transition at North Group.

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The North Group Podcast – Brought to Light: We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Get There (Ep. 9)

Generational leadership transition is one of our most common inquiries at North Group – and now, we are in the midst of our own. In December, we announced that Jerry Murray has been named President, and Gina Breslin and Josh Keefer have joined as “Successor Partners.” How did we get to this point? How does […]

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Instant Insight – Developing Your Future Leaders

What are you doing to develop and advance your next generation leaders? Gina shares the importance and benefits of investing in the rising stars of your organization.

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When Transition Chooses You

Is there ever a time in life that we are not going through some kind of transition? Sometimes transitions come with great anticipation, such as a wedding, the birth of a child or the anticipation of moving to a new community or home. Other times transitions are thrust upon us unwillingly, the death of a […]

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Private Company Transactions

Dec 17, 2018 By (Bio) No Comments

Recently, I met with an owner / leader of a multi-generation family business that has been around for decades. It is well run and well known in the community. As this leader approaches retirement and considers the future of his business, he does so with a grateful spirit and with great care for both his […]

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Picking Up the Torch with Humility & Gratefulness: How Next Generation Leaders Successfully Transition

The leaders of your organization have started thinking about the next generation of the company – and they approach you. With many ideas swirling through your mind, you leave with hopeful optimism. Though unsure of how it is going to be accomplished, you’re positive it will work. This thought will, of course, be short-lived as […]

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Planning for What’s Next

There is nothing more heartwarming than the story of a successful multi-generational family business. Carrying on the legacy of one’s parents, grandparents, or sometimes even great grandparents is an honor. I have had the privilege of being on both sides of this equation – the person learning and eventually taking over my mother’s role; and, […]

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The Three Pillars of Succession Planning

Jan 19, 2018 By (Bio) No Comments

In his recent blog, my partner, Roger North, shared about our three-year journey of developing and executing an ownership succession plan for North Group. He aptly noted that this process “took time, energy, and a few engaging disagreements.” Roger is right – it required time. Not just blocks of time here and there, but also “seasons […]

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On The Business

Jan 05, 2018 By (Bio) 2 Comments

About 20 years ago, Michael Gerber wrote a landmark book entitled The E-myth. In this excellent book, he coined language that is now fairly common in business. He wrote about working “on the business” versus “in the business.” Like many business owners, I struggle with allocating appropriate time to “on the business” issues such as succession […]

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Video Blog – Leadership Transitions: Elements of a Successful Transition Plan

Roger North and Brian Black of North Group Consultants discuss the elements of a succession plan and how they can be effectively utilized in leadership transitions. What elements of succession planning have you started working on? How will you continue to move the process forward?

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