Our Approach

15th Anniversary

Through sustained relationships we:
  • Identify issues and grow individual and organizational self-awareness through assessments and regular team interaction;
  • Guide organizations through transition and toward their highest potential; AND
  • Develop leaders and their teams by modeling, coaching and providing accountability.

North Group’s work concentrates on the character development and self-awareness development of leaders and their organizations.  We build and sustain relationships with our clients to grow and model trust and to walk alongside leaders and their teams as they grow toward their highest potential.  As we do, consultants develop a holistic perspective of client operations, enabling them to provide value and impact effectiveness at all levels and across all disciplines.

Consultants model leadership and healthy team interaction while providing expertise on a wide range of business topics.  We engage thoughtfully and honestly to challenge assumptions and bring fresh perspective, all while delivering hope for the future and a belief in the human potential.