Our Values

Values are beliefs we hold that drive our actions. The values we hold at North Group are vital to who we are, what we believe and how we interact with you.
Cropped Compass
Values – “BEING Comes Before DOING”

We endeavor to live out “BEING comes before DOING” by:

  • Instilling Hope
  • Building Character
  • Encouraging Balanced Living
  • Modeling an Others-Centered Focus


We aspire to build a legacy by offering relevant, timeless principles and life-changing value to our clients.


Through sustained relationships, North Group supports the development of leaders and organizations toward their highest potential.

We believe…
  • All people are created by God for a special and unique purpose
  • All people have the potential to change and grow
  • Organizational growth is a result of personal growth
  • There are very few shortcuts to personal development and organizational growth
  • Trust is the foundation of healthy relationships
  • There are things in life more important than business
  • Life is a journey, not an event