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Health & Performance

North Group provides a custom designed assessment to discover the strengths and challenges of an organization and make recommendations for future development.

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Leadership &

North Group supports leadership and organizational development using proprietary methods that focus on individuals, teams and the full organization.

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North Group provides a full range of services to take organizations through transitions, whether planned or unplanned, including serving as interim executives to provide a bridge to new leadership.

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Hiring & Onboarding

North Group provides hiring services which support the client in hiring executives and leaders at all levels; from ad placement and interviewing, to selection and successful onboarding of the new team member.

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Private Company

North Group offers advisory services to business owners who want to sell or buy a business, managing all aspects of the process while maintaining a focus on aligning and sustaining organizational culture.

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North Points Blog

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Leadership Transitions

Jan 20, 2017 By Gerald Meck

One of the realities of the nonprofit world (and business in general) is that, at some point, all leaders will…

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The Power of Pause

Jan 05, 2017 By Angel Ludwig

  Many people all over the world take the dawn of a new year to start fresh. Goals are written,…

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Video Blog - Leadership Transitions: Paving a Way for the Future

Dec 20, 2016 By Roger North

Roger North of North Group Consultants describes the process of preparing for leadership transitions and the role of the leader…

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