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Transition & Succession Solutions

We provide a full range of services to guide organizations through leadership transitions, whether planned or unplanned.

Leadership Transition

We work with leaders to clarify their legacy and support them in finishing well. We also support development of their organization and emerging leaders, along with integrating a long-term strategy for leadership growth and excellence.

Family Businesses

Together with an organization’s team of technical business advisors, we facilitate navigation of the complexities of generational ownership and leadership transitions to ensure alignment in vision and values, consistency in operations, role clarity, and ownership and leadership readiness.

Interim Executives

We step in when there are urgent or planned short- or mid-term transitional leadership gaps to provide organizational stability and a bridge to new family or non-family leadership.

Our experienced consultants draw on extensive business and nonprofit experience in finance, business development, human resources, operations, law, and nonprofit leadership to ensure consistency in operations, build trust among employees, and guide vision formation for organizations and family-owned businesses in transition.

Client Testimonial

-Travis Rohrer, CEO, Rohrer’s Inc.

“North Group has been an essential partner with us in effecting a smooth transition to the next generation of leadership at Rohrer’s. We continue to use North Group to develop our leaders and managers to ensure long-term success.”

Case Study

Rohrer’s, Inc.

Rohrer’s, Inc. (previously Rohrer’s Quarry) is a third generation family-owned limestone quarry serving customers in stone production, lime manufacturing, concrete production, vehicle service and repair.
Brian Black
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Additional services to offer comprehensive solutions:
Private Company Transactions
We offer advisory services to business owners who want to buy or sell a business, managing all aspects of the process while maintaining a focus on aligning and sustaining organizational culture.
Organizational Health and Performance Assessments
We provide organizational assessments to help you tie together the “current location” of your organization with your “desired future state.” We help you construct a roadmap to your future.
Leadership & Organizational Development
We support leadership and organizational development using proprietary methods that focus on leaders, teams, and their organizations.
Hiring & Talent Selection
We provide organizational assessments to help you tie together the “current location” of an organization with their “desired future state”. We help you construct a roadmap to your future.