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The Interconnectedness of Life | Kevin’s Story (Part 3 of 3)

Apr 17, 2024
By Daryl Leisey

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The Interconnectedness of Life | Kevin’s Story (Part 3 of 3)

In our latest podcast, Roger North sat down with our colleague and friend, Kevin Lorah, to discuss his path from neonatologist to consultant. Their conversation brought to light the importance of recognizing our personal gifts, learned skills, and variety of experiences that form the unique tapestry of our lives. Too often, we view our lives as a disjointed series of events that are minimally related or have no connection at all.

It’s often later in life, in moments of reflection, that we begin to catch a glimpse of the interconnectedness of our experiences: the places we’ve been, the lessons we’ve learned, and the people we’ve encountered along the way. Understanding our purpose (the “why” that drives us forward) is foundational in determining, or being open to, our next steps. For some, like Kevin, it may be a change in careers. For others, it may be something more subtle yet equally significant. What are we learning about ourselves?  Are we open to the lessons we can learn as we navigate life’s twists and turns?

I often reflect on one of the very first jobs I had: throwing trash on to the back of a garbage truck. I learned many lessons from that time that have impacted me as a man and as a leader; lessons for which I am continually grateful.

Have you ever taken inventory of your own experiences and the lessons you’ve learned along the way? What have you learned about yourself? How has God uniquely gifted you? These are questions worth pondering. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to document the lessons life has taught you, then look for an opportunity to humbly share those experiences with others when the time is right.

At North Group, we believe that all people are created by God for a special and unique purpose and that life is a journey, not an event.

You can find Parts 1 and 2 of Kevin’s story series linked below:

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