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Organizational Health & Performance Assessments

By their very nature, organizations are complex. Organizations are made up of individuals with varying characteristics, skills, experiences, and motivations. Taken together, challenges quite naturally arise! To further complicate the matter, organizations superimpose both performance and behavioral expectations on their employees, and teamwork expectations on top of that! Yes, organizations are complex.

The primary purpose of our Organizational Health and Performance Assessment is to identify your “current location.” Through a series of in-depth interviews and an Organizational 360 survey, we collect many hours of qualitative and quantitative data. With this information, we extract “themes and threads” that allow us to put the puzzle of organizational behavior together for you. We do this in a way that allows you to decide how you and your team can best move from your “current location” to your “desired future state.”

Our hope is to make the complex a little more simple. Perhaps more importantly, the steps toward your future become actionable. Ultimately, the Organizational Health and Performance Assessment provides a beginning “roadmap” to the future of your organization.

Client Testimonial

-Sheldon Miller, Vice President, Smucker & Sons, Inc.

“North Group has really helped give us clear direction for the future. They have provided me, along with other key leaders in our organization, encouragement, as well as wise counsel as we navigate leading our organization. We value the skills and expertise that North Group provides and the personal relationships that have been forged.”

Case Study

Smucker & Sons, Inc.

In anticipation of their CEO’s retirement, Smucker & Sons was looking for assistance in succession planning that went beyond just the financial. They wanted to build and develop their leadership team into a cohesive group that could support the eventual transition. Our assessment report highlighted our findings, observations, and recommendations. It was shown to ownership first, then all participants. This transparency demonstrates the value Smucker & Sons places on their employees and the drive they possess to become stronger and better.
Josh Keefer
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