Our Services

Organizational Health and Performance Assessment

Our process focuses on people. Our consultants conduct one-on-one interviews with assessment participants to acquire a broad picture of your organization’s values, culture, leadership, strengths, challenges and future aspirations. When we’ve gathered together everything we’ve heard and noticed the themes that run through the interviews, we meet with you in person to present a report on our findings and recommendations. LEARN MORE >


Leadership and Organizational Development
(Coaching, Teams, Strategic Planning)

Development – for individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole – is the focus of the consulting relationship. The individual growth and development of leaders, both professionally and personally, has profound effects on the health of an organization. LEARN MORE >


Transition Solutions
(Leaders & Organizations, Family Business, Interim Executives)

Whether transition in your organization is planned or unplanned, our seasoned consultants provide a full range of services to support a seamless transition and ensure a successful result for you. LEARN MORE >


Private Company Transactions

North Group offers advisory services to business owners for buy and sell transactions. We recognize that business owners considering private company transactions face a variety of challenges: You may want to sell your business, but aren’t sure how; may think it’s time to retire, but don’t know what to do with your business; may want to acquire another business, yet don’t know where to begin; may have your eye on a specific company, but need help in opening the door. You may even have begun an acquisition and find that you need assistance with company integration. LEARN MORE >


Hiring & Onboarding

Hiring well at all levels, from executive leader to team member, is key to organizational health. Our consultants work collaboratively with you from ad placement to effective onboarding of your team member. LEARN MORE >