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Leadership & Organizational Development

Leadership and organizational development is at the heart of any consulting relationship. The personal and professional growth and development of leaders has a profound impact on the overall health of an organization.

We believe that culture is the greatest determinant of organizational success. As leaders and teams develop, greater behavioral clarity and productivity emerges. We help accelerate the development of leaders and teams for increased levels of cohesion, clarity, and communication.

Executive & Leadership Development

We provide one-on-one coaching for owners, executives, and leaders. Our proprietary leadership development model focuses on the leader’s wellbeing, accountability for growth, and personal and professional development. We develop leaders through the lenses of self-awareness, self-care, and servant leadership.

Leadership Team Development

We support the development of leadership teams to grow their business model through mission-based clarity and behavioral alignment. Trust grows through the development of relationships and engagement in ideological conflict. Leadership teams that embrace the paradox of trust and conflict drive multiplicative growth.

Emerging Teams

We guide rising leaders and teams in discovering, refining, and developing leadership traits that support cohesive teamwork in your organization. Emerging Teams is a year-long developmental initiative comprising large group sessions and team development meetings. Participants benefit from interactive presentations by our consultants on a variety of timeless leadership principles. They are also provided with opportunities to collaborate with peers from other organizations.

Strategic/Business Planning

We assist leadership teams in developing and clarifying strategic and operational plans that align with your vision, mission, and values.

Client Testimonial

-J Myron Stoltzfus, President, Stoltzfus Meats

“It is always good to have an independent voice and ear. It’s good to have someone to take good notes and hold me accountable. We have been able to learn from North Group in how to best respond to issues within the company.”

Case Study

Stoltzfus Meats

Stoltzfus Meats, now a second generation family business with Myron and Sally Stoltzfus as sole owners, has been producing fresh and smoked meats since 1954. The business began with Myron’s dad, Amos, taking Lancaster County products to a retail stand at New Castle Farmer’s Market in New Castle, Delaware. As demand grew, he started making and selling his own items. In 1966 he opened a retail store in Intercourse, PA.
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Additional services to offer comprehensive solutions:
Transitions & Succession Solutions
We provide a full range of services to guide organizations through leadership transitions, whether planned or unplanned.
Private Company Transactions
We offer advisory services to business owners who want to buy or sell a business, managing all aspects of the process while maintaining a focus on aligning and sustaining organizational culture.
Organizational Health and Performance Assessments
We provide organizational assessments to help you tie together the “current location” of your organization with your “desired future state.” We help you construct a roadmap to your future.
Hiring & Talent Selection
We provide comprehensive solutions to support clients in hiring executives and leaders at all levels. Our efforts are focused on identifying right-fit talent for your team.