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Case Study
Category: Leadership Development

Stoltzfus Meats

Client Testimonial

-J Myron Stoltzfus, President Stoltzfus Meats

“It is always good to have an independent voice and ear. It’s good to have someone to take good notes and hold me accountable. We have been able to learn from North Group in how to best respond to issues within the company.”

Client Profile

Stoltzfus Meats, now a second-generation family business with Myron and Sally Stoltzfus as sole owners, has been producing fresh and smoked meats since 1954. The business began with Myron’s dad, Amos, taking Lancaster County products to a retail stand at New Castle Farmer’s Market in New Castle, Delaware. As demand grew, he started making and selling his own items. In 1966 he opened a retail store in Intercourse, PA.

Amos’ family became involved in the business and has been processing a wide variety of fresh and smoked meat products ever since. The year 2009 saw the opening of a new Stoltzfus Meats & Deli – a bigger location that includes a restaurant.

Today, Myron serves as President, taking the business past the half century mark and continuing to grow it. It has two retail locations as well as a wholesale division. The company takes pride in the consistent, excellent quality of their products that have strong appeal to local markets as well as famous celebrity customers.

The Challenge

North Group connected with the organization through a peer group that we facilitated. The President/Owner wanted assistance in planning for the future, looking for support in sustaining the business long-term.

There was a need for help with organizational cohesion, communication and clarity. They needed to establish appropriate business systems and get key individuals more involved in leadership of the organization.

Our Approach

We started with one-on-one leadership coaching with the owner. Then, we developed a Leadership Team and facilitated the meetings. We focused on the gifts of current employees – developing their strengths and clarifying their roles. We also supported the company in identifying growth objectives and the steps needed to achieve them.

We continue to support the development of executive leadership and currently are coaching the next tier of organizational leaders – the management team.


Stoltzfus Meats is growing at a tremendous rate. They are much more focused on sustainable growth and the development of their leaders. More employees in the organization carry responsibility, so less responsibility falls on the owner than previously.

We continue to build on the positive and trusting relationship with this client. North Group isn’t project-oriented, but relationship-oriented. Without being involved in the day-to-day activities, North Group provides an outside perspective as we work with the client to evaluate their progress and set expectations. Our mutual trust allows us to speak directly into their organization.