Roger Garber

Relational Roadblocks

Mar 05, 2017 By (Bio) No Comments

We all know the fundamentals of strong, healthy relationships, don’t we? Asking good questions, listening well, investing in transparency and trust, there is really no mystery. So why do we get so easily sidetracked by our own personal history, baggage and perspectives? I was recently part of a group discussion that revealed a clear lack […]

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A number of years ago I was frustrated with a particular part of my job. I was not achieving the goals that I had set for myself and I was getting discouraged. Did I set goals that were unrealistic? Was I using the wrong measuring stick to gauge my results? To help me think through […]

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Don’t Throw Your Anchor Inside Your Own Boat

Sep 08, 2015 By (Bio) No Comments

Recently our daughter shared a sketch she created on social media. It included the words, “Don’t throw your anchor inside your own boat.” Seeing her sketch caused me to think about a recent conversation I had with a friend. As we met for coffee my friend shared that his “bucket” was almost empty; he was […]

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The Power of Being Present

Some weeks ago, I met with a friend who lost his young adult son to cancer. In reflecting on his son’s passing and memorial services, the friend shared how important it was at that time for his friends just to be present, express their care, and hold memories of the loved one together with the […]

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Tapping Into Your Team’s Strengths

Jul 21, 2014 By (Bio) No Comments

July 21, 2014 Tapping Into Your Team’s Strengths by Roger Garber Just over two years ago, I left the family business that I’d been involved in for 30 years.  It was a privilege to partner with my father, brother and nephew in business.  As a large, closely-knit family, we worked together and played together. However, […]

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