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Case Study
Category: Transition & Succession Solutions

Rohrer’s, Inc.

Client Testimonial

-Travis Rohrer, CEO Rohrer’s Quarry

“North Group has been an essential partner with us in effecting a smooth transition to the next generation of leadership at Rohrer’s. We continue to use North Group to develop our leaders and managers to ensure long-term success.”

Client Profile

Rohrer’s, Inc. (previously Rohrer’s Quarry) is a third generation family-owned limestone quarry serving customers in stone production, lime manufacturing, concrete production, vehicle service and repair.

A bit of history: In 1958, Paul O. Rohrer became the sole owner of Erb’s Quarry. Four years later, his sons, Donald and Wilbur, joined him as partners, changing the name to Rohrer’s Quarry and expanding service to include concrete. Since then, the company has continued to grow and increase production capacity, adding a state-of-the-art, mix-on-site concrete plant in 2008. In addition, Rohrer’s Service Center has expanded to serve the vehicle and automotive needs of businesses and individuals. Rohrer’s stone delivery and lime production plants continue to grow and meet the needs of the business community.

The Challenge

There was a need to develop a succession plan in anticipation of the retirement of Wilbur Rohrer, the company’s President. In addition, there was a need to develop the existing Leadership Team to perform as a highly effective, cohesive group. And, to provide support to a growing team of managers.

Our Approach

To gain a comprehensive view of Rohrer’s culture, values, leadership, strengths and areas for growth, North Group began by conducting extensive executive and employee interviews. As a result of this process, we compiled an assessment report which provided the starting point for North Group and Rohrer’s to work together to set the succession and growth plan in motion. North Group services included Leadership Team development, individual coaching and strategic planning.


Recently, in a subtle and almost imperceptible transition, Wilbur Rohrer retired from his almost 50-year role as CEO. Travis Rohrer has succeeded his father as CEO and leads the company in partnership with his brother, Tim Rohrer. Travis and Tim are complemented by non-family executives – Tom Kifolo, Troy Styer, and Ryan Zimmerman. Due to the preparedness of the Leadership Team and the growth and development of the individuals on the team, this transition was seamless. North Group continues to consult and support this third-generation ownership team.