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Jennifer Nestler

Jennifer Nestler

Call: (717) 299-9800

Jennifer Nestler

Client Services Coordinator

Jennifer Nestler serves the North Group team as a Client Services Coordinator. In her role, Jenn greets clients, extends hospitality, and provides valuable administrative assistance to our internal team.

Jenn is dedicated to loving people well and championing them as they embark on the journey to discover and fulfill their greatest purpose in life. The prospect of making a meaningful contribution to the lives of those she serves excites her. She thrives on creating an atmosphere of care and support, ensuring that clients feel welcomed and valued.

On a personal level, along with enjoying the privilege of raising four cherished children, Jenn enjoys writing, gardening, hiking and growing in the art of ballet.


One word Jennifer would use to describe herself:

Jennifer’s definition of happiness:

Experiencing the fullness of God and walking out your greatest passion and purpose