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Tim Heist

Tim Heist

Call: (717) 299-9800

Tim Heist


With over 14 years of organizational leadership experience, Tim brings to North Group a dedication to walking alongside others to support their success. Tim enjoys assembling and leading high functioning teams, creating and building healthy cultures, and formulating leadership structures that ensure success for the entire organization and for all team members.

Tim grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Student Ministry & Pastoral Counseling from the University of Valley Forge.

Before joining North Group, Tim served as the Lead Student Ministry Pastor and Teaching Team Pastor at Timberline Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. He also coached soccer for the Fort Collins High School Soccer Team. After returning to PA in 2021, Tim has continued to coach soccer and serve in a variety of roles supporting foster children. Additionally, he serves on the advisory board of One Global Church.

In his free time, Tim enjoys traveling with his wife, Melissa, exploring new restaurants, adventures with their pup Eliza, hitting the gym, fly fishing, cycling, and nearly any activity outside with friends.

Life Lesson
I have a friend that often says, “live in a way that when you walk into a room you say, ‘there you are’ not ‘here I am’. Living life with an others focused, outward posture brings life to others and to yourself.

Favorite Moment
Life has been too full to pick one…Watching the sunset in Santorini, going to a soccer match in Estadio Olimpico in Rome, biking a coastal trail in Kauai, achieving an undefeated JV season with a incredible group of kids, sharing deep life conversations fire side, catching a dorado in Cancun…. My favorite life moments seem to be with people that I care deeply about outside in nature.

Favorite Food
Smoked Turkey, Dry Aged Steak, Cheesesteaks, Aged White Cheddar, Oysters, Croissants, Tiramisu, Dark Chocolate, Handcrafted Ice Cream, French Fries, Cocoa Krispies

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