Video Blog – Intentional Leadership: Planning Ahead

Video Blog – Intentional Leadership: Planning Ahead

May 05, 2017 By (Bio) 2 Comments

Roger North and Daryl Leisey of North Group Consultants welcome you to our Park Office in Lititz, PA, as they discuss the intentional planning that took place in designing our new office space.

What intentional steps are you taking to plan for your company’s future?

2 Responses to “Video Blog – Intentional Leadership: Planning Ahead”

  1. Sheldon Horst says:

    Great to see you talk thru the creation and philosophy of your new space – the structure to facilitate new opportunities in the years ahead – I’m excited to see North Group moving forward!

  2. Vernon Schwanger says:

    Excellent point about how the focus in someone’s office should be more on the conversation area, while also providing an efficient work center. Emphasis is more on personal interaction, all flowing from a welcoming atmosphere.

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