Simple Abundance

Simple Abundance

One of my favorite books is Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.   What a powerful title.  I live in such abundance.  Keeping anything simple is my real challenge.

Take my closet for instance.  Every season I say I will clean out old clothes.  And, every season I add to the closet at least twice as much as I take away.  I was bemoaning this fact to a colleague and she told me about a better approach:  Keep what you love and let go of the rest.

That simple shift in perspective made all the difference.  First of all, I smiled when thinking about what I loved, knowing how good it feels when you like the way you look.  Isn’t that better than having to admit you don’t look your best? Coming from a place of abundance, not a place of negativity – what a concept!

This concept works in much more important areas than your clothes closet.  Relationships, for instance, particularly employer/employee ones.  Have you celebrated a relationship with someone that matters to you lately? Have you thanked an employee who is just outstanding?

Just like my clothes that don’t work anymore, you may also decide to let some relationships go. I have trouble letting go of relationships, particularly business relationships, that aren’t serving me as well as they once did.  It’s okay.  Truth be told, the other person in the relationship may need to do the same thing.

Take time to look around and decide where you need to relish your simple abundance, and where you need to let go.  By the way, that knee-high pile of clothing, which just didn’t fit in the beautiful or useful categories, will be a God-send to the women at the shelter.  And, that makes me remember and be grateful for my own abundance.

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  1. Vic Hurst says:

    True, Joanne , very true! I will try to make time to read the book. Thanks!

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