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Creating Community at Work

Aug 5, 2015
By Craig Schloneger

Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

Creating Community at Work

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the 4th of July celebration at Lititz Springs Park and the U.S. Open at Lancaster Country Club.  Although these events were very different, they fostered the same sentiments – community pride, an opportunity to meet others, a relaxed and fun setting, and the good feeling that comes from sharing an experience with neighbors.

Such events are important because they create a sense of togetherness and a bond that keeps people involved and connected. I believe it is also important to plan community-building events at our workplace. At North Group we get together frequently for meetings and informal gatherings, but there are three annual events that are staff favorites – our winter dinner at a nice restaurant, our summer “day away” at a surprise location, and our fall picnic at a local park. In these relaxed non-work settings we learn to know each other in a different way, create memories and stories, and just have fun.

Company outings are important for building healthy organizations, and we know that healthy organizations are a great predictor of success. There is nothing more attractive to employees than a company whose people enjoy having fun with each other.

What kind of work community do you want to create for your company or team? And what activities do you have planned to achieve your goal?

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