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Embrace your Customers

Apr 5, 2016
By Craig Schloneger

Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

Embrace your Customers

At our house, contacting an electric, internet, cellular or satellite TV provider for service is something both Ann and I dread.  Too often we spend an excessive amount of time on hold, interact with a customer service representative who is bound by a script, feel as if our problems have not been heard, and finish our experience completely frustrated.

It is a great reminder of the importance of careful training and mentoring for employees who relate to customers.  Consider the positive impact of a customer interaction that includes the following:

  • A pleasant demeanor
  • Good listening skills
  • Freedom to make decisions to solve a problem
  • An understanding of company goals

I am working with a client who has identified customer service as the theme for 2016.  At meetings, stories of great customer service are shared, staff are encouraged to immediately solve problems, and everyone is given fun “coupons” to give to unsuspecting customers.  As you can imagine, the feedback from customers and employees has been outstanding and sales are growing – all because pleasing customers is a workplace motivator.

To be successful and competitive, making customers happy needs to be an integral part of our organizational culture.  Let’s make sure our leadership teams are aligned around this goal, and while we are at it, have fun doing it well!

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