I am a numbers guy.  I don’t know why – it’s just how I think.  Numbers measure stuff and help simplify things for me.  Sometimes I am fascinated with how broadly numerical metrics can be applied to explain life truths.  One of those times was a few years ago when I was reading Stand Against the Wind by Erwin McManus.  The author suggested that the answer to finding wholeness in life is 51%.

If we give of ourselves just a little more than we receive on a consistent basis, we will experience wholeness and fullness in our life.  51% represents giving more than receiving.  McManus went on to describe the path to 51%.

Thankfulness – When we specifically notice and acknowledge the good in our lives, apart from our own efforts, we will more easily release control over the results of life.  Thankfulness is the foundation for wholeness.  Being thankful is not just a virtue; it’s a lifelong strategy for peace, joy and fulfillment.  It’s worth taking time to consider on a regular basis.

Humility – When we are thankful and understand that good is not completely dependent on ourselves, we gain more confidence in a good future without having to act on our own behalf.  Instead, we are freed up to think of others and act on their behalf.

Courage – Courage is demonstrated when we act without thinking of ourselves.  It doesn’t mean we have no fears; it means that our #1 priority is not self-protection.  As the situation calls for it, we do the right thing, regardless of what it means to us.  When we live courageously, we do not hesitate to give more than we receive – 51%.

In a relational economy, think 51% – for personal wholeness AND to become part of the process toward wholeness for someone else.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Marty Hollinger says:

    Jerry, Well said! Thank you from another “numbers” person! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And thank you for your guidance 5+ years ago – life is good!

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