Relational Roadblocks

Relational Roadblocks

Mar 05, 2017 By (Bio) No Comments

We all know the fundamentals of strong, healthy relationships, don’t we? Asking good questions, listening well, investing in transparency and trust, there is really no mystery. So why do we get so easily sidetracked by our own personal history, baggage and perspectives?

I was recently part of a group discussion that revealed a clear lack of transparency, trust and cohesiveness. Something was hindering our ability to progress and move forward. There seemed to be a relational roadblock. Upon further evaluation, I realized that my history with this group – both personal friendships and past life experiences with individuals in the group – had created barriers in our present relationship. The influence of those past experiences had created a roadblock, causing me to put my own interests and preferences above what was best for the group.

These barriers were hindering my ability to lean in and speak truth. As a next step, I committed to addressing these barriers in our next meeting to clear the air and reinforce a solid basis for future conversations.

We each have life experiences that can hinder us in our desire and ability to serve others. What relational roadblocks are you bringing into your relationships and conversations? How will you address them so your relationships can mature to a greater level?

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