Letting Go and Moving On

Letting Go and Moving On

Jun 05, 2017 By (Bio) One Comment

I am preparing to move to a new community in another town.  In order to provide a comfortable, clutter-free environment in our new, smaller home, we must give up many things – furniture, art, books, photos, dishes, other keepsakes and mementos – years of accumulation.

Most opportunities in life require letting go.  Pursuing opportunities and dreams by necessity requires letting go of the past.  Through various readings and conversations with friends, I’ve come to realize the many ways people let go:

  • Letting go of worry for improved emotional and physical health
  • Letting go of past hurts and betrayals for greater lightness and freedom of spirit in the present
  • Letting go of fear of judgement or a need for validation to fulfill your wildest dream
  • Letting go of the financial security of a steady job to pursue writing, start a business or care for a grandchild – to have the lifestyle you want
  • Letting go of home and a sense of community to travel the world and fulfill a yearning for adventure

Success and joy in life, whether personal or organizational, requires the hard choice of letting go and moving on.  In what ways do you or your company need to let go in order to move successfully forward into the future?

One Response to “Letting Go and Moving On”

  1. Bill Hartman says:

    Amen, Lynette !!
    Having just downsized in moving to a smaller space, it’s amazing how
    much “stuff” just wasn’t/isn’t needed. Has opened space for greater appreciation.
    Applying to emotional and relational realm is valuable insight. Thanks !

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