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Video Blog – Intentional Leadership: Self Care for Leaders

Aug 4, 2017
By Roger North
Comments: 3

Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development Vlogs

Video Blog – Intentional Leadership: Self Care for Leaders

Roger North of North Group Consultants stresses the importance of self care for leaders in four key areas –¬†physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual.

What steps are you taking to care for yourself so you can better care for those around you?

comments: 3
  1. Roger – thanks for sharing this perspective. I like the order of your dimensions for intentional self care. I definitely see the same exhaustion amongst many of the leaders I interact with. I had been thinking that it may be because they were trying to manage their way through situations that required leading. You have me thinking it’s broader than that. Thanks.

  2. Excellent Video Roger — and so very true! I’ve seen so many leaders get overwhelmed / burned out because they ignored some of these areas. I fully ascribe to the adage, “When a Leader Gets Better, Everyone Gets Better”, and that can only occur when the Leader is intentional about properly balancing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs in their lives.

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