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Time for Reflection

Apr 5, 2018
By Daryl Leisey

Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

Time for Reflection

“They can’t see the forest for the trees.” This oft-quoted expression is used to describe someone who seems to have lost something or is not able to see what would be obvious to others. Focusing on what is right in front of them has limited their ability to see the big picture.

For some, they do so out of necessity. Whether an issue needs to be advanced, resolved, or handled, the tasks and routines that get us through the day need our attention. Often, these things feelĀ immediate. It is easy to recognize that our lives (both personally and professionally) progress based on our ability to accomplish these tasks and move them forward. But does immediacy equal importance? Or, are we confusing importance with urgency?

For others, general reluctance – perhaps even an inability – to step back is natural. From not knowing what might be discovered to not knowing what to do with those results, the fear of these “unknowns” can be paralyzing. After all, what are we to do with the information and insights we gain?

To borrow another age-old phrase, reflection is not something you should “go at alone.” While finding time and space to quietly ask ourselves weightier questions is important, including trusted friends and advisors can also provide a clearer perspective.

For those of us who are leaders, these personal questions give birth to organizational questions. We would be honored to discuss the benefits of our Organizational Health & Performance Assessment with you. This process may help you to see the forest – and not just the trees.

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