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Leadership & Team Development

Jul 5, 2018
By Joanne Ladley

Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

Leadership & Team Development

Leadership can be hard to define, but it’s abundantly clear whether or not it exists in an organization. A strong leader is the very heart of a healthy organization. He / she drives the culture, which influences the behavior of employees and drives the performance results that lead to a successful endeavor. They are in tune with the people who make the business work and inspire team members to believe in themselves. Leaders cast a vision for reachable stretch goals, show empathy, and work through disagreements and conflict.

For leaders at any level, self-awareness is essential. In particular, it is important to know one’s leadership style and recognize the effect decisions / approaches have on those looking for guidance. This self-awareness process is a gradual one and can be encouraged in many ways – individual confidential coaching, personality assessments, and open, honest conversations about lessons learned through personal experiences.

As individual leaders are more fully developed within an organization, Leadership Teams often begin to emerge. Leadership Teams are a huge asset to organizations as leaders work together to recognize and pursue opportunities that can grow and expand the business. Their combined experiences and expertise can help the organization navigate changes and develop a healthy confidence in taking risks that can have a lasting effect on the future of the company.

Developing the leader in yourself and in your business is not for the faint of heart. It is essential in fulfilling the dream of a caring, successful business entity that will grow and flourish for generations to come. And businesses that last for generations are the real vision for all of us at North Group. It’s why Leadership and Team Development is one of the foundations of our daily work.

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