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Coaching for Leaders

Sep 21, 2018
By Daryl Leisey

Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

Coaching for Leaders

“It’s lonely at the top.” I have heard this phrase used numerous times to describe what leaders may experience as they sit in a leadership role atop an organization.

As leaders, it is crucial to have someone to interact with who can provide encouragement, direction and accountability. At North Group, our approach to leadership coaching and development is primarily focused on developing a trusting and honest relationship where, together, we identify areas of personal and professional growth. This serves as the cornerstone of our work together.

Through conversations, assessment tools, and identified goals, a path is developed for subsequent meetings where we focus on providing accountability to personal commitments and the development of leadership competencies and skills. Intentional conversations with practical application to the leader’s particular situation also play a key role in helping leaders grow into future possibilities and develop aspects of leadership that need improvement.

Life and leadership are real and ever-evolving. Creating regular and intentional space to focus on one’s personal growth and development is a significant gift that, as leaders, we give to ourselves and to those we lead.

Please let us know if we can be helpful in your development as a leader.

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