Emerging Teams: Developing Leaders for the Future

Emerging Teams: Developing Leaders for the Future

“Leonardo da Vinci, the defining Renaissance man…, believed that in order to fully understand something one needed to view it from at least three different perspectives.” – Frans Johansson, The Medici Effect

We are excited to introduce the latest service from North Group Consultants – Emerging Teams!

Emerging Teams is a service specifically geared toward developing your next generation of leaders. Whether these folks are young high potential – high performers, veterans soon transitioning to highest level leadership responsibilities, or somewhere in between, we believe this developmental approach will assist in their understanding of organizational health. Specifically, we will teach concepts and develop skills on the following six topics:

  • Organizational Health – Defining components and benefits of organizational health, short-term behaviors and long-term considerations, self-assessment and alignment with the organization
  • High Performance Teams – Building trust, navigating difficult conversations, maintaining accountability, and achieving optimal results
  • Purpose & Clarity – Establishing team / departmental / organizational purpose, setting behavioral standards, solidifying products and services, and creating strategic anchors
  • Effective Communication – Understanding communication types, discovering how others receive information, using multiple mediums to send messages
  • Structure & Process – Growing teams, managing performance, recognizing positive action, understanding consequence, aligning actions with purpose
  • Meetings & Recognition – Distinguishing meeting types and purposes, creating intentional agendas, crafting effective next steps

Emerging Teams is a year-long developmental initiative that will utilize an “every other” meeting rhythm. In the odd months, we will meet in large group “cohorts” for half-day sessions. In the even months, Emerging Teams members will participate in short, one-on-one coaching sessions with a Consultant to help advance their unique understanding of topics and apply them to their individual working scenarios.

Perhaps more importantly, individuals will learn and practice with folks from other organizations and industries, finding different and new ways to observe, analyze, and solve various organizational issues.

As you consider how Emerging Teams may be beneficial to your organization, here’s a brief overview of this new service:

  • Purpose: To develop an understanding of and the skills associated with organizational health and leadership behaviors
  • Who: 20-25 individuals (from various organizations and industries); within each cohort, an organization can send a team of 2-5 individuals (min. 2 for group homework; max. 5 to vary organizational and industry representation)
  • Timeframe: 1 year – 6 half-day, large group sessions every other month; 6 one-on-one coaching check-ins for every individual every other month

If you want to learn more about Emerging Teams, participating, and/or involving some of your team members in this initiative, we would be delighted to connect. Please email Dan at dburkholder@northgroupconsultants.com for more information.

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