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The Interim Executive

Nov 5, 2018
By Craig Schloneger

Categories: Interim Leadership

The Interim Executive

As an avid sports fan, I thoroughly enjoy watching my teams play and following the day-to-day happenings that involve roster moves, strategy, coaching and the locker room atmosphere (some call it drama!). More and more we are seeing and hearing how team culture determines the success of a team. There is no better example of this than the close-knit and selfless culture of the Philadelphia Eagles as they achieved their Super Bowl Championship.

When teams become champions and freely credit each other for their contributions, it feels as if all is well and nothing can hinder future success. But as we all know in sports and in our businesses, there are bumps in the road. There will be unanticipated events and transitions that jeopardize the culture that we have established in our organizations – especially when they occur at the executive level.

One satisfying role of my work is supporting organizations as an interim executive (or interim coach to use the sports metaphor) when there are unexpected transitions. An interim executive is valuable to an organization when a leadership gap exists due to job transitions, generational succession planning, a business acquisition, an unexpected illness, or any short-term leadership interruption that could stop the positive momentum of an organization.

At North Group, we draw upon our extensive experience as business leaders to provide Interim Executive Solutions. The goal of our work is to seamlessly bridge the gap between former and future leadership. We work toward new organizational patterns that enhance culture, communication, and accountability while ensuring that employees are heard and valued through the process.

Ultimately, our presence in an organization serves to lower anxiety among all staff, allowing us to support the team and further the goals of the organization, thereby setting the stage for the next leader to succeed. North Group would be honored to work with you and your organization when the need arises for an interim executive.

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