Overcommunicating Organizational Clarity

Overcommunicating Organizational Clarity

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I distinctly remember a Managers Meeting with a long-time client. There were about 50 people in the room. I was given the opportunity to discuss progress that had been made in the organization. Over time, the organization had drifted (as many do) away from their original mission and core values. Together with the family and Executive Team, we had worked hard to restore their trust in leadership and in the fundamental values of the organization. We had chosen three simple words to represent those values and asked the question many times – “How should we behave?”

The team was given a very simple challenge – shout out the three core values as loudly and quickly as possible. About 75% of the room did just that. The other 25% opened their mouths and stuck their forefinger in their throat to simulate vomiting! They were tired of hearing these three words! It was all we needed to hear and see to know that we had successfully “overcommunicated organizational clarity.”

None of us love hearing the same thing over and over again, but few of us can deny the need to repeat what is most important.

The process of “overcommunicating organizational clarity” is a distinct responsibility of leadership. It is not unique. It is not provocative. It is not sexy. But, it is entirely necessary.

The next time a member of your team makes a sour face or even sticks their forefinger in their throat, you will know you have succeeded in one of the most important responsibilities of leadership!

In what ways are you “overcommunicating organizational clarity”?

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