Balanced Living…or Balancing Act?

Balanced Living…or Balancing Act?

Balanced Living…
Is your life in balance?
How many balls are you juggling at one time?
Have you dropped any lately?

I love to juggle! I’ve got a dozen important balls in the air most of the time. However, when I drop balls, I don’t love juggling at all.

One day, I realized not all 12 of those balls represents an important piece of what makes me feel whole.  I started to think about who or what got to be a ball in my juggling act. I needed to concentrate on one at a time – even if it was just for a split second – and the other balls needed to be able to continue the act without my full attention, knowing they were still an indispensable piece of who I want to be.

I picked categories and gave each ball a color:

  • Family is blue (for first place)
  • Physical health is gold (where am I without that?)
  • Spiritual growth is red (see the reason for gold)
  • Friends are green (I need diversity of thought and connection)
  • Challenging my thinking is purple (I can’t remain stagnant)

I could pick many more but I am happy, fulfilled and blessed with these five categories.  In fact, five categories are really all I can manage well – even though I keep trying to add more to the mix.  I know that when I drop one, I need to pick that one off the ground, apologize to the people affected, and start over juggling my five indispensable colors.

It’s really just a choice.  How many balls can you juggle and stay in balance?  Do you recognize when you add a new color to the mix? Do you know the priority of the new one? When you inevitably drop a ball, you’ll know which ones to pick up again and which ones to say “I’ll keep practicing. For now, this is the best juggler I can be.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I improve my game.”

2 Responses to “Balanced Living…or Balancing Act?”

  1. Larry Guengerich says:

    Thank you so much for this post. It puts visuals to something I have been trying to articulate for this season! Thanks again

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comment! Simple illustrations are always clarifying for me. Glad it was for you as well.
      – Joanne

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