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The Power of Reflection and Celebration

Dec 29, 2020
By Brian Black
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Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

The Power of Reflection and Celebration

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As with most individuals, families and organizations, navigating the challenges of 2020 made for a bumpy and unpredictable ride for all of us at North Group.  Our team recently reflected upon, and yes, celebrated, 2020 and all that it held for our team and for our clients.

Some of the “highlights” we noted for 2020 included:

  • The mandated closure of our physical office space for 11 weeks, beginning on March 13, 2020
  • My four partners and I meeting virtually at 7:00 AM for three mornings per week for the first six weeks of the shutdown
  • Our entire team virtually gathering weekly throughout the shutdown and beyond to care for each other, and to continue to ensure that we were providing extra care for our clients as each experienced their own related challenges
  • Numerous surprise meal pick-up or delivery events, as well as several outdoor fun events for our team members and their families
  • Equipping each team member to be generous in sharing North Group’s financial resources with those around them who were experiencing personal challenges
  • Partnering with our friends at Listrak for four months to prepare and deliver up to 200 meals, three days per week, to Water Street Mission
  • Revisiting our 2020 Strategic Business Plan in May 2020 and emerging with a “Go Forward Plan” that would guide and energize us through the remaining months of 2020; sharing our “Go Forward” planning tools with many friends and clients
  • The growth and accomplishments of many clients amid the year of challenges

Our time reflecting left us grateful for how the challenges of 2020 had strengthened us and convinced us more than ever of the value and power of:

  • Intentional and consistent communication with our team and clients;  Without a doubt, this is the primary reason that we are entering 2021 with even greater team cohesion than we entered in 2020
  • Maintaining (even expanding) an others-centered, outward focus, especially when circumstances tempted us to turn inward
  • Viewing challenges as opportunities to re-order plans and priorities – and in doing so – emerging with renewed focus and energy
  • Committing time to reflect upon, and yes, even celebrate, both the little and large things that we experienced, including the year’s challenges

Our time of reflection and celebration has resulted in an even greater commitment to the practices outlined above. It has filled us with hope as we enter 2021 with a renewed belief that when the next challenge arrives (and it will), it will be yet another opportunity for us to strengthen our work together and our service to our clients and community.

We encourage you and your team to set aside time to reflect upon, learn from and celebrate your victories and your challenges in 2020.  In doing so – we invite you to join us as we enter 2021 overflowing with gratitude and hope.

comments: 1

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