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For a Special & Unique Purpose

Feb 11, 2021
By Brian Black
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Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

For a Special & Unique Purpose

What do you believe? What drives your behavior? At North Group, we have captured our beliefs in a series of statements that are foundational to how we serve each other and our clients.

Our first and overarching belief is that “all people are created by God for a special and unique purpose.”  Some of our foundational beliefs come from our collective experience in serving leaders and organizations for more than 23 years.  This belief, however, comes from the very God of the universe, who proclaims this truth to us throughout the scriptures.

In Psalm 139, David affirms God’s unique approach to humanity:

“For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;…

…all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

How should this belief animate how we care for and serve each other and our clients?

  • “All people are created by God . . . . ”

In these days of deep division and polarity, it is easy to lose sight of this fundamental truth.  It has become common to view or treat others as sources of disagreement or people who are “not like us.”  This truth reminds us that we have never looked into the eye of anyone whom God does not love and did not Himself create.  In whatever roles God has placed us (e.g. leader, co-worker, spouse, parent, friend, etc.), we have been given the sacred privilege of encouraging others to reach their highest God-given potential.

This belief drives us to ask – How would my interactions with others be different if I kept this truth in full view?  How would others experience me, and even experience themselves differently if I did so?

  • “. . . for a special purpose”

It has been said, “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  What could be more fundamental to a life well-lived than to live in full alignment with who God created to you to be? And, with what God created you to do?  For this reason, we believe that it is part of our work to cultivate the self-awareness to understand (1) how God has specially “wired” us, and (2) how that design supports the “purpose” for which He has created us.

Sadly, there are many who have spent much of their best years engaged in roles that – while valuable and productive – have required them to be something less than or different than God had designed them to be.  Frustrated, burned out – even bitter and angry – they have more regret than hope.

Ask yourself – Do I know how God has designed me and how that design informs the focus and drive of my life?  If not, what am I willing to do to discover and act upon what I discover?  It is never too late.

  • “ . . . for a unique purpose”

Not only does God design us for a special purpose, but there are some things that are uniquely ours to do in this world.  Have you ever asked, “What are those roles that ONLY I can fill?”

Think about it.  Someone else “could” lead your organization, but only you are the parent to your children, the spouse to your husband or wife, a son or daughter to your parents, the visionary founder of your organization.  The people that you serve in these roles are your “first team” in this life.  Who are the members of your “first team?”  Do they have the best of you, your focus, your energy, your prayers?

At North Group, there is nothing that animates the work that we do and the way we serve each other and our clients more than this belief.  We would be privileged to support you in aligning your life and leadership with your special and unique purpose.

comments: 1
  1. This is a great post for me to read today! I am searching to find the true purpose that God has for me and my talents. Just coming back from a 2 week construction mission trip in another country and trying to now “catch up” with my business/career has me challenged to understand if this is really what the Lord desires of me. Thanks for the timely article and a bit of confirmation that I need to understand my true calling.

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