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All People Have the Potential to Change and Grow

Sep 14, 2021
By Joanne Ladley
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Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

All People Have the Potential to Change and Grow

Throughout 2021, our written blogs have focused on our belief statements. Today, we’re focusing on the the belief that “all people have the potential to change and grow.”

Surely, we all believe in the truth of this statement. But what about real life application? Do we believe in the potential of the difficult people placed in our lives? Do we believe this about ourselves? Do we harbor self-limiting beliefs that hinder our growth and human potential?

We are all caught in situations that make us feel frustrated or uncertain. During these times, our self-limiting beliefs loom large. What are the practices that allow us to extricate ourselves from these self-limiting beliefs and “be” the leaders we have been called to “be?”

  • Commit to regular times of reflection – How did I arrive at this uncomfortable place? What did I contribute to the frustration of the matter at hand?
  • Cultivate regular feedback – Seek out confidants, coworkers, and trustworthy friends who will be both honest and direct in their assessment of your behavior.
  • Recruit an accountability partner – Create a mutual relationship committed to positive change and growth.
  • Trust the process – It took a long time to arrive where you are.  It will take time to cultivate sustainable change.
  • Celebrate success – Recognize when your behavior changes for the benefit of others. Find small ways to reward yourself as a means toward creating new and beneficial habits.

All people have the potential to change and grow. To what growth processes are you committed?

comments: 1
  1. I completely agree that all people have the potential to change and grow! These suggested practices are great! I’m committed to cultivating regular feedback. That would be the one suggestion that is most challenging for me, mainly due to the discomfort that sometimes comes with receiving constructive feedback. Self-awareness/self-reflection, trusting the process and celebrating my successes come more naturally. Thanks for this valuable info!

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