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Story 1 of 25: Rohrer’s Incorporated

Jan 20, 2022
By Roger North
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Categories: 25 Stories for 25 Years

Story 1 of 25: Rohrer’s Incorporated

The statistics are solidly against the survival of family businesses into the third generation. Naturally, the statistics are even more foreboding as we proceed towards fourth generation ownership/leadership. We are fortunate to live in Central Pennsylvania, an area in which those family business statistics are different than they are nationally. Rohrer’s Incorporated, currently led by third generation owners, Travis and Tim Rohrer, is a shining example that goes against the grain of these statistics.

Tracing their roots back two centuries, more specifically to 1937, the expanding family of Rohrer’s services includes stone, lime, concrete, and fleet services. At 110 employees and growing, Rohrer’s reputation for “being good to their word” is well known with customers and competitors alike. A second core value, “reinvestment,” is evident by simply driving past their flagship facility in Lititz, PA. It is likely you have never seen a neater quarry hole, a more beautiful concrete plant, or a cleaner fleet of concrete mixers and dump trucks!

How does a business make a community better? Oh my, let me count the ways! A third core value, “bringing glory to God,” animates Rohrer’s many community contributions. The recently completed “The Tree House of Lititz” – a playground accessible to children of all capabilities – is one of many community projects that has benefited from the time, money, and expertise of Rohrer’s employees.

Planning for family business continuity is a constant focus for the Rohrer family. As Rohrer’s, and other family businesses like them, carry their values from one generation to another, families benefit, customers benefit, employees benefit, and our communities benefit.

We are grateful to serve Rohrer’s Incorporated, they make our communities better.

comments: 1
  1. It is so heartwarming to hear about family businesses succeeding. They are the backbone of our country. Godly pride of ownership and being good stewards of what He as given to are the building blocks to success for generations to come.

    Be well!

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