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Story 4 of 25: Stoltzfus Meats

Mar 1, 2022
By Roger North

Categories: 25 Stories for 25 Years

Story 4 of 25: Stoltzfus Meats

“Our customers are our lifeblood and we are privileged ‘guests,’ invited to their tables…” is perhaps the best expression of the heartbeat of Stoltzfus Meats. From humble beginnings in 1954 on the farm of Amos and Mary Stoltzfus, Stoltzfus Meats has grown to serve hungry customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. You may have heard the phrase “before I die I must…” well, that phrase should apply to Stoltzfus Hickory Smoked Bacon! Certainly you have enjoyed it, haven’t you?

More than a rapidly expanding and profitable Central Pennsylvania business, Stoltzfus Meats benefits employees, customers, and their communities in a myriad of ways. You may know someone who had their first employment with Stoltzfus Meats. That person learned to get up early, work hard, and deal with customers in an efficient and interactive way. Several members of the current management team have been employed at Stoltzfus Meats since age 16.

Their flagship store is a destination for tourists far and wide, while at the same time serving the local community with fun, flavor, and fresh products. A trip to the lovely village of Intercourse, PA, is certainly not complete without lunch from the deli. And, you would do well to visit the original location of Stoltzfus Meats at the New Castle, DE, Farmers Market.

You have likely benefited from their generosity. Second generation owners, Myron and Sally Stoltzfus, are surely among the most generous people we know. Space would not permit us to list all of their charitable endeavors. Beginning with a heart for adoption that extends to both their children and grandchildren, and moving outward toward the eradication of sex trafficking, Myron and Sally’s generosity knows few bounds.

We are grateful to serve Stoltzfus Meats. They make our communities better.

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