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Story 11 of 25: McClarigan CPAs & Advisors

Jun 7, 2022
By Roger North

Categories: 25 Stories for 25 Years

Story 11 of 25: McClarigan CPAs & Advisors

“Quiet in the land” – You may have heard this phrase applied to people of the Amish and plain Mennonite faiths. Comprising nearly 10% of the population of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the impact of the Amish and Mennonite communities is significant, much more significant than most of us realize. Sure, they are a tourist draw. But much more importantly they are an undeniable part of our cultural and economic fabric. All that being said, they are not well understood.

“Quiet in the land” – The same could be said of McClarigan CPAs & Advisors. It is likely no coincidence that the advice and counsel of the McClarigan team is broadly trusted by the Amish and “English” alike. Founded in 1993, McClarigan is noted for their deep understanding of their clients, personalized service, and valued expertise given well beyond their fee-paying clientele. Kevin McClarigan and his team are a picture of selfless generosity.

We could start with a list of the organizations that the McClarigan team serves. But we won’t. We could continue with a list of the organizations to which McClarigan contributes. But we won’t. We could offer you testimonials from their clientele. But of course, they are the “quiet in the land” so testimonials don’t come easily. However, one admirer describes Kevin as one who combines “the wisdom of the mind with the kindness of the heart.”

Emphasizing the value of family and community, Kevin’s leadership example permeates his team. To serve at McClarigan demands respect for, understanding of, and a desire to serve the “quiet in the land,” as well as the surrounding population that is interwoven with the Amish and plain Mennonite communities.

We are grateful to serve McClarigan CPAs & Advisors. They make our communities better.

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