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Story 13 of 25: Wengers of Myerstown

Jul 8, 2022
By Roger North

Categories: 25 Stories for 25 Years

Story 13 of 25: Wengers of Myerstown

If you were to look up the definition of family business, you would do well to skip the academic descriptions and simply visit Wengers of Myerstown. Incorporated by Carl and Margaret Wenger in 1958, Wengers’ thriving ag and construction services business involves all seven of the second-generation children of Carl and Margaret. This family business is committed to the good of their employees, customers, and communities in ways that go well beyond the ordinary.

“Big Hat, Big Heart.” Yes, that is the title of Carl’s biography. It also encapsulates the Wenger family ethic. Take the annual “Praise Dinner” for example. Held each spring at the Lebanon Expo, the Wenger Foundation hosts 750 people for dinner underwritten by the foundation and its friends. All ticket purchases for this evening are committed to four community benefit organizations. A more unique community event you would be hard pressed to find! The Praise Dinner is a rare combination of selfless philanthropy, Pennsylvania Dutch food, gospel music, and goodwill.

The distinct culture of the Wenger Family, Wengers of Myerstown, and the Wenger Foundation, is rooted in a cohesive family, a clear mission, a successful business, and a heart for the community.

“Big Hat, Big Heart.” We are grateful to serve the Carl Wenger Family and Wengers of Myerstown. They make our communities better.

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