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Story 15 of 25: EGStoltzfus

Aug 4, 2022
By Roger North

Categories: 25 Stories for 25 Years

Story 15 of 25: EGStoltzfus

Business family or family business? Is that a real question? Yes, it is and a very important one at that.

EGStoltzfus is a family business. The values and philosophy of the family are deeply engrained in the business. Second generation owners, Brent Stoltzfus, Chad Stoltzfus, and Colleen Brubaker lead a highly successful general construction business that has experienced tremendous growth and an extremely loyal customer following. They also lead a family that LOVES being together. If you were to watch a movie of a Stoltzfus family gathering, it is likely you would have no indication whatsoever of their business ownership. What you would witness is a highly cohesive, connected family.

Brent, Chad, and Colleen credit their dad, Elam G. Stoltzfus Jr., for building a family first and a business second. If “push comes to shove,” family will always win. But in this family, there are very few pushes and no shoves. In the family, love wins out. In the business, merit wins out. Non-family employees have the same opportunity as family employees. The result of this philosophy is a connected family, a growing business, loyal employees, and delighted customers.

If you run across a ministry or non-profit construction project locally, you are likely to encounter EGS employees donating time and in-kind resources. Intertwined in the communities in which they build, EGStoltzfus executives, employees, and family members are strongly committed to the wellbeing of their communities.

We are grateful to serve EGStoltzfus. They make our communities better.

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