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Story 17 of 25: John F. Martin & Sons

Sep 7, 2022
By Roger North

Categories: 25 Stories for 25 Years

Story 17 of 25: John F. Martin & Sons

Four generations of Martin’s have been making ham, sausage, hot dogs, and lots of bacon(!) since 1932. If you didn’t have a John F. Martin & Sons, ham on Easter, you made a serious mistake!

Producing thousands of tons of high-quality meat products in a year is no easy task. At John F. Martin, quality is taken very seriously, as is efficiency. But not to the point of eliminating the human touch. JFM works hard to balance automation and individual skills, recognizing the unique value their team brings to quality production.

Currently transitioning from third to fourth generation leadership, John F. Martin’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and employee focus, will not waver. While technological advances are many, employees are never looked at as expendable. The commitment of the fourth generation to the founding ideals of great-grandfather John, are stronger than ever.

When speaking with the leaders at JFM, it becomes apparent that “ownership” is not their mentality. “When you believe you own something, you tend to tighten your grip. When you understand it is not really yours, decision making with the long view in mind becomes much easier.”

We are grateful to serve John F. Martin & Sons. They make our communities better.

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